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Ki Do Ma fly

A meaningful life is a life that contributes to the intrinsic goal of a person. It is a life in which joy, discipline and commitment are involved. Ki Do Ma flow believes that retreats, pelgrimages and humanitarian missions can contribute to the discovery of this higher goal and to the development of an attitude of gratitude and service.
Ki Do Ma flow has experience in travelling in Europe, Japan, India, and Mongolia and in organising workshops on a boat in the Red Sea, in combination with the experience of swimming with the dolphins.

  • Presentations and inspirational conferences on different retreats, pelgrimage itineraries and humanitarian projects
  • Organisation of retreats, pelgrimages and humanitarian projects in collaboration with travel agents and ONG’s
  • Guiding specific travels in Japan
  • Organising and teaching Yoga, Qi-Qong and Meditation abroad

It's right to follow this program, if you want to:

  • Take distance to reflect
  • Give your body and mind a nice treat
  • Enhance inter-cultural learning
  • Offer your actions and presence to Mother Nature, while enjoying the bliss of service and gratitude
  • Encounter new ways of living, interesting human beings, meaningful projects
  • Dear to look behind the beaten tracks